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addressed issues of immigration, education, and other issues that concern us. >> the ceo of aarp. there are two things that are priorities for all americans, not just financial security and health security. you have heard the conversation about the middle-class, strengthening the middle class and keeping those who are poor from falling off of the cliff into deeper poverty. we have had a vibrant conversation around health-care, continuing social security, and having social security not really being considered it part of the discussion but to focus on how to strengthen social security for current and future generations. healthcare, a number of conversations associated making sure that medicaid and medicare are available. we will continue to have those conversations. the president has been focused on making sure the americans continue to have both the security on the health side and the financial side. >> thank you. good afternoon, everybody. i am the president and ceo of the leadership conference on civil and human rights. i was honored to attend a meeting today with the president
a discount on this room and i ran through the aa rates. finally i found a big discount. aarp. i had gotten my card and it was the first chance that i actually used it. i got off the phone and told my wife that i had saved as $14. she still remember the thousand dollars we were out from not going to australia and she asked me, had i remembered to get the two crips? i called the 18-year-old at the check-in desk back and i said this is mr. freedman. i just asked you about the senior citizen discount. that's me. can i have two crips? in that moment i realized i had entered confusing territory, what might be called the oxymoronic -- to remember that time in grade school when he learned about oxymorons in these contradictions in terms? if you think about the way we treat people who are living in the stage of life, like 60 is the new 40 and at the same time if you go to my pharmacy in berkeley on solano avenue, they give you senior citizens discounts. it's the old 80s and the same time the new 40 and we hear about the young and the old and the working retired. "newsweek" had a cover story about agin
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2